Eli Gottlieb - Now You See Him

Now You See Him

Eli Gottlieb

2008 / William Morrow

262 pages

“Now You See Him” is one of the more enjoyable novels I’ve read in some time. Easy to read and follow, even after a long day, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing where the next plot twist was going to go. Told in the first person, I didn’t always like the narrator (Nick) and didn’t always believe his point of view was reality, but his perceptions of events and of the people who fill his life are vivid and colorful. The flashbacks to childhood give an idea of why Nick and Rob (the writer who murdered his girlfriend then returned to his hometown to kill himself) had such a strong bond. Still, why couldn’t Nick get past the death of his childhood best friend before he turned his own life inside out and upside down? This isn’t clear until the last couple of chapters, which deliver some enormous shocks. Although we understand at last why Nick was so affected by Rob’s death, the book left me thinking deeply about how everyone grows up assuming certain very basic facts about their lives that may or may not be true, and how devastating it would be to learn that the truth had been altered. “Now You See Him” is an excellent psychological novel, but the final revelations will keep you thinking for quite some time.

Kathy Parsons