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Welcome to, the home site of Kathy Parsons and Michael Debbage! You will find more than a thousand CD reviews here, along with interviews with artists, sheet music reviews, Kathy’s monthly Pianotes newsletter, information about live online piano lessons with Kathy, house concerts in Florence, OR, sheet music editing, and much more. The site is updated several times a week, so come back often and enjoy your time with us.

Upcoming Concerts at Kathy’s Home in Florence, Oregon

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New Songbooks


Sat. August 23rd  - 7:00 PM

Tim Neumark & Neil Patton

Suggested donation $15

More Info

Sunday, September 7th

3:00 PM

Lucas Kirby

Suggested donation $10-15

Sunday, September 21st 3:00 PM

John Jarvie

Classical Guitar

Suggested donation $10-15

Sunday, October  19th

3:00 PM

Craig Einhorn

Latin & Classical Guitar

Suggested donation $10-15

Neil Patton New!!!