Marc Enfroy

Interview 2009

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Unbounded  (2008) KP

Unbounded (2008) MD


On Michigan's coldest day of 2006, a day when the mercury never rose above 12° F, Marc Enfroy experienced a bitter heartbreak that would forever change his life. His sister Suzanne, an accomplished artist and painter, lost her battle with cancer. Devastated, he turned to music, a love of his since childhood, to find comfort. Suzanne had a small, forgotten keyboard sitting in a corner of her home that Marc's brother-in-law, Rich, gave to him. Once home, he started composing a touching remembrance of his sister's final hours. "Sitting at her keyboard, writing music beneath one of her paintings, became an irresistible escape from the pain," Marc says. Born of tears, his music began as a fond tribute to the memory of his sister, and while the tears gradually diminished, the music continued to grow into an entire album of heartfelt music. Titled "Unbounded," the debut CD from Marc Enfroy was released on August 26, 2008.

From an early age, Marc was exposed to all kinds of music. He was always excited when his family would visit his grandfather, country music pioneer Bradley Kincaid, who happily performed for the family with his trusty "Hound Dog Guitar." Thanks to his grandfather's gift of a Hammond organ, Marc began to learn about playing a keyboard at the age of eight. He got his first guitar when he was eleven-years-old and for most of his teen years, he and his Fender Stratocaster rocked with riffs from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. He spent hour after hour carefully listening to and imitating his favorite bands, and eventually developed the ability to play by ear.

In 1985, Marc fell madly in love with a girl named Kelly and they wed the following year. Music took a back seat as his life became centered on raising their three sons -Adam, Alex, and Michael. Marc built a solid career in the software business, but his love for music never faded.

Two decades later, after the tragic loss of his sister, Marc was inspired to follow in her artistic footsteps and began composing music. He wrote from within, searching for chord progressions and melody lines that were emotionally compelling and moving. He says, "With a lot of encouragement and suggestions from my brother Paul, and his strong musical ear, I kept on writing. After about eight months, I started to hit my stride and found that creating piano songs, backed by orchestral strings and subtle choirs, created the mood I was looking for."

Eventually, everyone who heard his music said it sounded like something you'd hear in a film, which gave Marc the idea to christen his style "Cinematic Piano." "If you hear one of my songs and it creates a poignant scene in your mind, like in a film, I'm happy. If you keep coming back to that song and scene, escaping to that feeling again and again, I'm ecstatic because I moved you and that's what I'm after - a moving escape for the listener."

"Unbounded" debuted in the #5 position on the Top 100 Airwaves chart in August, 2008 (as reported by and is available at, iTunes,, CDBaby, and