Kenio Fuke


Spirit of Nature (2012) MD

Spirit of Nature (2012) KP

Relaxing Melodies of Nature (2011) KP

Relaxing Melodies of Nature (2011) MD


Kenio Fuke was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Through friends and the influences of musicians in his own family, Fuke began, as a child, to have his first contacts with the universe of music. He began his formal studies on harmonica, soon followed by guitar, piano and other orchestral instruments.

Fuke’s skill on piano developed through his studies with the maestro Alvaro Belda Neto, with guidance in piano technique through study of the great masters of the classical music at the Dramatic and Musical Conservatory of São Paulo, where Fuke graduated as a classical pianist, composer and conductor. Fuke’s studies continue, and his musical compositions are filled with sensitivity and soul.                                                      

In the fall of 2010, Real Music was pleased to sign Kenio Fuke to the label and its roster of international artists. Fuke’s dream is to bring balance and harmony for mind, body and spirit through his very personal musical interpretations of the melodies of nature.